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Luna Cerade Ltd. from Novi Sad has continued the tradition of the largest company, “UŽAR OPREMA” from Novi Sad, for the manufacture of tarpaulin products in the territory of former Yugoslavia. The tradition and the experience which has been built for over 70 years, we now want to advance and adapt to the modern market demands. So in our hands lies the knowledge, seventy years of experience, and the overwhelming desire to bring it all together and unite through the quality of the products and services we want to offer our clients…

We produce according to your request: Tarpaulins for trucks according to EURO standards. Tarpaulins for semi-trailers, roll-up side tarpaulins, dump tarpaulins, as well as tarpaulins for caravans and tarpaulins for cars. Movable and fixed awnings, ALU pergolas with automated roof, summerhouses, bimini awnings, covers for all types of boats. Awnings for swings. Plastic winter gardens, tents, pool covers, mats, boxing bags, focusers, industrial ring covers, curtains and compartments in the industry, couplings, bellows, parking awnings for cars and bikes and much more from PVC tarpaulin canvas and impregnated acrylic canvas. We use the highest quality materials from reputable manufacturers.



The term tarpaulin means a canvas with double-sided PVC coating, which is applied by mechanical means, special technologies in production through synthetic yarns, that is, weaving or as they are called wefts. Usually the applied PVC layer is called plastisol.

Viewed from the face, the canvas is coated with a thicker layer of PVC coating, which is additionally varnished. The polish gives a high shine to the tarpaulin. The highest quality tarpaulins are canvas on both sides. It is important to note that on the canvases and on the other side, that is the reverse, there is a PVC coating, but in a thinner layer than on the so-called face of the canvas. High-quality tarpaulins are canvases coated with a UV protective layer, which gives the tarpaulin long-term resistance and durability under direct sunlight. Also, high quality tarpaulins are additionally coated with a durable and long lasting anti-mold agent. The PVC layer also gives the water resistance of the tarpaulin. Therefore, we conclude that the tarpaulin is a canvas that has UV resistance, but is also waterproof. With the development of technological processes in the production of tarpaulins, today we have tarpaulins that are waterproof but vapor permeable. This feature gives the tarpaulin a wide application in industry, transport and storage of various products, including human consumption.

Why tarpaulins?

Tarpaulins and tarpaulin products have been widely used today. Both in industry and in households.

Tarpaulins are characterized by high resistance to splitting and towing. Their high flexibility allows them to be used as well as stored. Also, tarpaulins are easy to process, primarily by industrial bonding as well as sewing. Today we have tarpaulins that belong to the group of highly flammable materials and meet the standards of DIN 4102 B1

The tarpaulins are resistant to all weather conditions in the temperature range from -40 to + 70C

The tarpaulins are produced in a wide variety of colors and different weights and with different wefts.

The following video shows some of the ways in which tarpaulins are treated, in both cases, welding tarpaulins with hot air.

Why use tarpaulins?

Tarpaulins are used today for various purposes. However, some of their main purpose is to produce tarpaulins for trucks and other means of transport, for example in rail transport, tarpaulins for wagons. As in river and sea traffic, either as cargo protection or as protection of passengers from rain and sun. Also, tarpaulins have a wide application in the protection of things and products from the weather, which are not in the process of transport, but are stored either in warehouses or outdoors. We call such tarpaulins cover tarpaulins.

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