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PVC transparent foils for terraces

Winter gardens are attractive and aesthetically pleasing quality spaces that have a very wide application and purpose. Winter gardens, in practice, have proven to be extremely resilient to different weather conditions and an extremely profitable investment. There are several reasons for investing in a winter garden.

Providne folije za terase

A winter garden can become an integral part of your terrace, balcony, facility. With a winter garden you can increase your living space, make a temporary storage room, a warehouse, a garage, a greenhouse, close the pool in your yard, a roof terrace ...

The construction of winter gardens is made of metal (metal profiles), the closing of the sides of winter gardens is done in transparent, crystal plastic foil zippers or the system of closing on sliders, or by ordinary fastening with straps and conductors in combination with or without tarpaulin. Winter gardens are widely used. By creating a winter garden, you increase capacity and get another cozy space in front of your restaurant. Ideal for a smoking room or utility room. Good mounting is the "crown" of everything.

Summer gardens are ideal choice for all types of catering facilities, and their quality production and materials guarantee durability. With summer gardens, you create a comfortable and shaded space for visitors in front of your restaurant. Summer gardens are the right way to give your customers maximum comfort while protecting them from heat and UV radiation. The construction of summer gardens is made of metal, especially steel profiles, while the roof part can be movable or immovable made of (our recommendation) impregnated fabric of high quality, resistant to all weather conditions, especially UV rays.

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