Upgrade for car trailers and trucks
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Upgrade for car trailers and trucks

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Upgrade for car trailers and trucks

The term “arch” refers to a substructure which holds the tarpaulin. They are always mounted on the cargo box of the vehicle. They are made of steel tubes or can be made of aluminum profiles at the customer's request.

The arches in the roof can also be made of aluminum pipes or galvanized pipes, all in combination with the basic steel structure consisting of vertical columns and lateral horizontal columns, which form the basis of the arches.

We also produce atypical ie. non-standard arches for vehicles that need to carry construction material, pipes or ladders of longer dimensions than the cargo box, and it is necessary to install a horizontal pipe at the front of the arches at the height of the cab of the vehicle, and to open a tent through which elements can be drawn through which are longer than the cargo box.

As standard, we produce two types of arches: fixed and disassembled.

Fixed arches are welded into one whole. They are secured by screws to the floor of the box and, if necessary, they are removable by releasing the screws and then the entire structure from the cargo box can be removed. This variant is practical for vehicles with smaller cargo boxes, as well as for car trailers.

When securing cargo on the sides, front and back sides of the arches, wooden or, at the request of the buyer, aluminum laths are installed. Depending on the height of the arches, we install 1, 2 or 3 rows of laths.

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