Awnings, sunshades, summer houses
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Awnings, sunshades, summer houses

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Awnings, sunshades, summer houses

The awnings serve as sun protection, to obtain quality shade and prevent heat from entering into your space. Because they serve permanent protection against rain and sun, they are made from high quality impregnated (acrylic) canvas by renowned European manufacturers.

The canvas lets the air flow and protects against rain and sun, creating ideal conditions for relaxing and enjoying in your terraces or gardens. The awnings naturally make your home, terrace, entrance or office space more beautiful.

Ability to create signs and advertisements, branding.

Our awnings can be movable and fixed.

We have the following movable awnings:

  • Domed awnings
  • Semicircular awnings
  • Ball-like awnings
  • Flat awnings
  • Slantwise awnings
  • Vertical awnings

Movable awnings have multiple control options: manual, electric motor (switch, remote control), combination (electric motor, manual)

Fixed awnings we offer are:

  • Flat awnings
  • Circular awnings
  • Semi-circular awnings
  • Sails
  • Tunnel awning

We do service for all types of awnings!

  • Replacement of canvas on awnings
  • Changing of hands on awnings
  • Replacement of arches on awnings
  • Replacement of aluminum profiles on awnings
  • Gearbox replacement
  • Sewing of canvases for awnings and parasols
  • Welding of PVC canvases and transparent foils


Pavilions, Gazebo awnings and summer gardens for outlets, as well as backyard summer cottages are made at the request of the customer in accordance with the possibilities that are conditioned by the location of the future site. The construction of which they are made can be made of steel profiles, aluminum profiles or wood. Cover can be cotton, acrylic, impregnated cloth or PVC tarpaulin for specific purposes.

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