Halls, warehouses, tents, curtains
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Halls, warehouses, tents, curtains

Luna Cerade products / Halls, warehouses, tents, curtains

Halls, warehouses, tents, curtains

We can devide your production halls, warehouses and business premises with partition PVC tarpaulin panels and movable curtains made of high quality PVC fabrics. Partition panels can be fixed or sliding. Contact us and arrange a review of the location. We will come to the spot and offer you a suitable solution.

According to the needs and requirements of our customers we can offer and make special tents for specific purposes.

Also, our products, especially the separating PVC tarpaulins and curtains are used in agriculture. Such as the fabrication of sides and interior partitions in stables.

Lately, there has been a great deal of interest from our clients to make awnings for hay and agricultural machinery, as well as ordinary hay covers.

For the manufacture of the above products, we use PVC tarpaulin canvas, which has a B1 certificate for highly flammable materials.

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